Pothole Problems: How to Tell When Its Time to Repair Your Parking Lot

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The US paving industry was worth $38 billion in 2018. The parking lot forms a substantial part of the paving industry. Taking great care of the parking lot is essential as it makes the place look neat and presentable.

A shattered, broken car park is not only a turnoff but also unprofessional. You must have seen some neat, well parking lots around town. The face value of the parking lot matters alone, and there is every reason to repair a parking lot.

These signs will tell you it’s time to repair your parking lot. Read on!

1. Standing Water

Having standing water is a clear sign that you need to do some repair. Stagnant water can mean there’s a ditch or slight depression. 

Mostly, depressions are caused by heavy trucks. These vehicles are very heavy, which in turn leads to loosening of the paving surface.

Parking lots are flat and well drained, and water should be a strange occurrence. Whenever you notice water stagnating more than often, it’s time for new paving

Pools of water in the parking lots can indicate the presence of depressions on the surface. Besides, it is a sign of damage to the asphalt or concrete beneath. You can repair less severe depressions, redo the whole structure if the damage is extensive.

2. Alligator Cracking

There isn’t an uglier situation on the parking lot than the presence of large alligator cracks. These are large patterns of interconnected cracks resulting from structural failure. 

Constant penetration of water on the surface causes alligator cracks. This water eventually erodes the base underneath the lot. Slight cracks appear, which ultimately lead to alligator cracking after severe distress.

The sight of alligator cracks implies improper maintenance and extensive damage. Whenever such cracks appear on the parking lot, it’s time for a significant repair. 

If the cracking is intense, an overhaul will work better. Such cracks may damage your tires so you shouldn’t wait.

3. Missing Pieces

Did you notice some missing pieces in the car parking lot? This is an indication that you should have your parking redone again. When the parking area is severely damaged, entire chunks of the asphalt get washed away by moving water.

Besides, when the asphalt is worn out, it wears out starting from the edges. You can replace the missing parts to prevent worsening of the situation.

4. Presence of Potholes

A pothole can be annoying, whether on the road or at the parking lot. Potholes occur on asphalt pavements, and they are a clear signal then you need to repair.

How does a pothole on your business parking area look? Perhaps annoying! This can be a big turnoff and can affect your business activities and total turnover. 

Potholes are caused by water seeping through the asphalt or concrete, causing the underneath ground to contract and expand. These uneven contractions and expansions lead to the weakening of the top part, which eventually cracks to form potholes.

Slight potholes are repairable. A whole replacement is only required if you want to switch to a better solution. If the problem is persistent, an overhaul will work best.

5. Lack of Resealing

If your parking lot lacks a sealing coat, it is essential to consider a complete resealing. Resealing is done on both asphalt and concrete floors to prevent cracking. The presence of cracks on top of concrete pavement means the resealing is worn out.

If there are slight cracks on the concrete, a repair may be sufficient. A permanent replacement isn’t required in such a situation. 

6. Faded Markings

Naturally, parking lots are marked to indicate space that a vehicle should occupy. When it gets to the point that the marking isn’t visible, it’s time to consider remarking. 

Generally, parking lots have to be remarked every 2-3 years. Instead of waiting until the markings aren’t visible anymore, you can add paint. Adding color makes the parking lot appear more visible and helps avoid the problem of double parking.

Benefits of Repairing Your Parking Lot

Repairing a parking lot may seem an ordinary task, but it has far-reaching benefits. There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to working on pavement. Below are some of the benefits of refurbishing your parking lot:

1. Increasing Property Value

Are you looking forward to selling your property? If so, you’ll want to improve the appearance of your parking area. Potential buyers judge the property immediately after pulling into the parking lot.

Many buyers won’t be impressed by potholes or cracks, and some may shy away from your property. Not everyone will want to spend extra cash refurbishing the parking lot. 

A worn out and unkempt parking lot can have a significant effect on the value of the property. With proper maintenance, it’s easy to negotiate for better deals.

2. Attracts Business

A crumbling parking lot can detract you from good business. The impression is essential, especially if your business thrives on its ability to attract new clients or encourage repeat business. The curb appeal you set determines whether or not the clients are impressed.

Many car owners are usually frustrated by damaged parking lots. To some extent, some customers may assume that the parking lot condition is representative of the rest of your business. To avoid losing clients in this manner, repair your parking lot in time.

3. Saves You Money

If you can repair the parking lot before the situation got out of hand, you will save a lot. With proper rehabilitation, your parking area will last for longer without demanding an overhaul. A well-maintained parking lot can stay up to 20 years.

As long as you refurbish appropriately, you won’t have a problem with asphalt or concrete deteriorating. Minor repairs cost far less and will save you a lot in the long run.

The Bottom Line on Pavement

Repairing a parking lot is crucial whenever you notice any of these signs. It comes with many benefits and can significantly change your business environment.

Are you looking forward to repairing your parking lot? Hiring a professional paving company is ideal for the success of your project. If you want to fix your parking lot, contact us today, and we will be there to assist you.

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