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At Columbia Paving Pros, we specialize in tar and chip paving services throughout Columbia MD. Our tar and chip paving services our designed to support both commercial and residential clients throughout the area. Locally owned and operated, we are committed to giving our clients the support they need. If you are trying to decide between tar and chip vs asphalt, we can give you a thorough paving estimate that you can rely on as well. Learn more about our services by contacting our team today.  

Professional Tar and Chip Paving in Columbia MD 

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Do you want a more affordable alternative to asphalt for your private or commercial property? If so, you are far from alone. At Columbia Paving Pros, we offer high quality tar and chip paving services for any sized project. The best part of using tar and chip paving is that it costs roughly half of what asphalt costs. And while asphalt does have certain advantages over tar and chip, this is a solution that can provide durable results.  

The way we like to describe tar and chip is it’s beautiful, economical, and practical. No other paving solution hits those marks at the cost of tar and chip paving. Not only can you add value to your property with tar and chip paving, but you can also increase its functionality. For example, if you have a roadway that consists of dirt and gravel, tar and chip smooth the surface for a fraction of the cost giving you a better alternative.

Reach out to our professional paving team to receive a free tar and chip paving estimate today.  

Reliable Tar and Chip Contractors 

Are you looking for a team of reliable tar and chip contractors near me in Columbia MD? If so, we are happy to help. We have been in the paving industry for years, and all our contractors are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We take a step-by-step approach to train our team and work tirelessly to advance their education as needed.  

We possess high industry knowledge regarding tar and chip paving. For example, this type of pavement seal can be applied to both dirt and blacktop pavement. We use a hot liquid coating of asphalt that is applied at a thinner level and then we roll on top a layer of chip rock to complete the process. The result is a clean look that you can trust to maximize your commercial or residential property. 

Free Tar and Chip Paving Estimates 

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If you are in need of tar and chip driveway contractors near me in Columbia MD, look no further than the Columbia Paving Pros team. We highly recommend this paving option if you are interested in an economical solution that still looks great and lasts for years to come. There are multiple other benefits of choosing this paving option as well, and you can enjoy them if you hire our team to complete the job. So, give us a call to receive your free paving estimate today.  

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